Let’s Review: Blackpink’s Kill This Love

What’s up Kpop Fans? Guess who’s in your area…
That’s right! Blackpink is in your area!!!

So here I am once again… with another Kpop Music Review blog post. Hopefully, you guys are excited because this time I will be reviewing Blackpink’s long awaited comeback with the song “Kill this love”.

Yeah, I know. I’m pretty excited to check this song out as well. So let’s get this road on the show, by first giving a brief description of Blackpink as a group.

Blackpink is a four member girl group formed by YG Entertainment on August 8th, 2016. The group consists of the members Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa. As a group, they have held high acclaim for their talents as a group, despite not releasing as much music as other groups in Kpop. Their most recent release, “Kill this love” has broken Youtube viewing records. Soon, they will be embarking on a North American concert tour.

Okay, so that was the easy part. I’m actually really excited to talk about this recent comeback because I think Blackpink is a girl group that has a lot going for them. Still, I don’t want to reveal my full rating on this song just yet. It’s time to break down “Kill this love” starting with the music itself.

So, I’m going to be honest. Before I went into this review, I did hear some opinions about how “Kill this love” was YG’s way of appealing to American audiences. That is a statement that is said often when it comes to Blackpink, and I can see where people might think that. In my opinion, “Kill this love” isn’t a song that is written to be what Americans like. To me, it’s a song that is meant to sound like something that would come from Blackpink. It is a song that would come from a company like YG Entertainment, and a lot of American kpop fans like their type of sound. That, to me, is not a bad thing. “Kill this love” is a very catchy song, with a chorus that reminds me of a militaristic “Ddu du Ddu du”. The horns they used in this track were super dope, and I think this song grows on you the more you listen to it.

As for the lyrics, “Kill this love” is a song that discusses a relationship that needs to be broken up as it has been come toxic for both people. I really enjoyed the lyrics, as it showcases the mature and cool side of Blackpink. “Kill this love” is not a typical break up song. We don’t see the girls being busted up about the relationship, but it seems as though these girls know that it’s better to not wallow in it. There are so many catchy lines in this song. My favorite line comes from Lisa when she says, “You plus me sadly can be dangerous”.

As for the vocals, “Kill this love” has a set up that goes like a lot of Blackpink songs. We have Rosé and Jisoo in charge of vocals, and we have Lisa and Jennie in charge of raps. This isn’t a bad set up by any means. As a group, the girls each have their specialties and they try to showcase them as such. My favorite parts vocally have to be Rosé and Jisoo’s singing parts before the chorus. It’s very catchy, and I really like the way that their voices sound. I also really enjoyed Lisa and Jennie’s raps, particularly in the second verse.

When it came down to line distribution, I was the most impressed. For a song sung by four members, it was actually pretty equal. Rosé and Jennie ended up with the most lines overall, but that makes since as they are the main vocalist and the main rapper. Overall, I really enjoyed this song, and I’m happy to see them promoting new music as a group. There’s isn’t much that I take issue with in this song other than it’s probably not my favorite release of all time from them. “As if its your last” and “Playing with fire” are my favorites that are hard to top, but “Kill this love” is still great.

I give this song a 7.5 out of 10 lightsticks.

Okay, now let’s talk about “Kill this love” and its cool choreography.

“Kill this love” has very militaristic sort of choreography which fits the song’s sound very well. The girls are throwing salutes at the audience left and right. I found that there were times that Blackpink brought old moves back from old dances, but it managed to match the song well. If I were to have an over-all favorite move, it would be when they mime cocking a shot gun during the chorus.

As for the formations, there was only so much that they could do as a four member group, but what they did they killed. I really enjoyed the use of back up dancers in this song. They really helped fill the stage, and Blackpink lead them amazingly. Also, Lisa just killed it in this dance… but she always does that so I’m not surprised.

Overall, this dance suits the concept and the song really well. I wouldn’t say that this is the hardest dance that they have ever done as a group (there are songs were members are sliding across the floor), but I like it.

I give the choreography a 7 out of 10 lightsticks.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is BLACKPINKLightstickUterus.jpg

With the dance rated, let’s talk about “Kill this Love” and its music video. What stood out to me most on first watch was YG’s love for HUGE sets.

I’m sure Blinks and YG stans are well aware of this. You can tell that a large budget was put into making this video, and it really looks great! There were so many stand out set pieces from GINORMOUS bear traps to a room filled with love themed cereal boxes. “Kill this love” was a very pretty music video to look at. Not to mention, the costumes and makeup are so amazing in this video. The girls look gorgeous and they manage to not be upstaged by the large set design.

The lighting effects didn’t sit quite as well with me in this video. In fact, there were times when I found myself distracted by the lighting (particularly when Jennie is singing with the two swans). It was just too much for me in some scenes, and in others lack luster. I say this because I know there have been better music videos in terms of lighting. “Ddu du ddu du” looked amazing! “Kill this love” didn’t look as nice, although there were some cool look moments (like when Jisoo’s face got reflected in that water scene). As for the editing, there just wasn’t much for me to speak on. I’m personally not trained to really appreciate editing as I don’t do much with that, but I think it looked okay.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is blackpink-kill-this-love.jpg

Now, as for the music video’s plot, there wasn’t much of one. It was mostly a lot of different scenes with the girls dancing or singing. Although, what I liked about this video was that it did use motifs and images to alluded to what they were talking about in this song. Duality was definitely navigated throughout this video (ie. Rosé and Jisoo trying to kill their doppelganger and the two swans that Jennie sat on). Not only was duality used, but the idea of killing love was also shown (ie. the exploding Aphrodite statue, and once again Rosé and Jisoo trying to kill their doppelganger). I appreciated seeing story telling like this used in the video. It’s not like the director is just having the girls be pretty for the camera in random places. The sets used in the video actually told different stories.

I give the music video a 7 out of 10 lightsticks.

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The last topic that I wanted to look into for this review was the concept of “Kill this love”.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is blackpink-kill-this-love-mini-album-release-new-music-songs.png

As a concept, it seems like designers were really going for a military the comeback. From the music, to the dance, to some of the costumes, I could really get that feel from “Kill this Love”, and I really enjoyed it. The military concept is one of my personal favorite kpop concepts. It’s sleek. It’s cool. It’s mature. I really saw the mature side of Blackpink in this concept. This concept reminded me of “Playing with fire”, as both were more toned down and cool. If anything, “Kill this love” is almost like if “Ddu du ddu du” and “Playing with fire” got together and created a love child. It is a really cool concept and I liked it a lot.

I would give “Kill this Love” a 9 out of 10 lightsticks for its use of concept.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is BLACKPINKLightstickUterus.jpg

So… for our tally we have:
Music-7.5 out of 10 Lightsticks
Choreography- 7 out of 10 Lightsticks
Music Video- 7 out of 10 Lightsticks
Concept- 9 out of 10 Lightsticks
That brings us to a TOTAL ranking of: 7.5 out of 10 lightsticks

And that was my review of Blackpink’s “Kill this love”. I really enjoyed this comeback and look forward to seeing them release more music. Before I sign off, though, I must discuss the stand out member during this comeback.

This was a hard decision to make as all of the members were killing it in this comeback. There was Lisa killing the dance moves. There was Jennie who looked like she came from Tomb Raider. Then, there was Jisoo who looked fierce as always. In the end, though, Rosé stood out the most to me. What a goddess! I don’t think people talk about how pretty she is enough. Every scene that Rosé was in she killed, and a lot of my favorite vocal parts of the song came from her. Her parts in the music video were some of my favorites, and I am so proud to see how far she has come as an idol. Rosé rocked this comeback!

With that said, thank you so much for reading my review of Blackpink’s “Kill this love”. I hope you enjoyed it even though the song has been out for a while. Let me know what you thought about this comeback down in the comment section. If you have a different opinion, I would totally be interested in what you have to say. Also let me know if you have a group that you want me to review next week. Until then, bye! ^_^

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